About Casa Mozart

Casa Mozart Music Association plans and produces artistic and cultural events and performances, mainly of classical music, at our Casa Mozart Hall in Harajuku, Tokyo.
My late father, Makoto Nakamura, was a great lover of Mozart's music, and he decided to visit all the places in Europe where the composer had lived. Starting in 1976, he amassed a considerable collection of documents and other materials related to Mozart's life.

In 1983 my father built Casa Mozart in the Harajuku district of Tokyo. He designed the building so the first floor contained a coffee shop, in which Mozart's music was constantly playing, the second floor housed his collection of Mozart memorabilia, and the third floor was a small hall intended for musical performances and events.

The opening event was enlivened by an unexpected appearance by Otto Biba. Prof. Dr. Biba is the Director of the Archive, Library and Collections of the Society of Music Friends in Vienna. Casa Mozart would become a popular spot for aficionados of Mozart's music to gather, and the third floor hall saw performances by many musicians from both Japanese and international orchestras.
Later, unfortunately, as illness rendered my father gradually less capable of managing Casa Mozart, activities there diminished and finally ceased.

In 2015, in accordance with my late father's wishes, I reopened Casa Mozart after spending considerable time sorting and arranging his collection of records and historical materials. Once again, Casa Mozart became a space that constantly echoed with the melodies of the master.

I had come to realize that the large number of talented young students who graduate from Japan's music colleges every year have very few places to perform. My plan is for Casa Mozart Music Association to provide an informal space where any musician would be happy to give a small live performance.
I also hope that Casa Mozart will take on the role of a classical French salon for Harajuku, providing a place where cultured people can enjoy meeting and enjoying each other's art and music.

Takashi Nakamura, Director

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